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Here are a few downloadable documents, in PDF, MS Word and Excel format, that you might find useful.


Complete Engine Start Procedure that REALLY works!

bullet Installing and Setting The V530 Prop - Written by Jill Gernetzke at M14P and VERY easy to understand.
bulletAnnunciator Panel Diagram. - Explains the operation of the warning lights.
bullet YAK52POH.DOC  is the Pilots Operating Handbook in MS Word97 format.
bulletM14P.DOC is a report written by a YAK expert for the NTSB after an accident to a YAK18T. If you have any doubts about the advisability of fitting a cleanup kit, read this!
bulletADF.DOC explains how to set up the frequency selector in the YAK52 Radio Compass.
bulletYAK52 CHECKLIST.DOC is a checklist for operating the YAK52.
bulletThe FAA Application for a Certificate of Airworthiness needs to be completed before the C of A is issued for your aircraft.
bulletThis NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) form should be filed anytime you think you may have goofed! Accidentally flown into class B, Ground-looped, dinged a wing etc. Completing the form will provide a measure of immunity from FAA certificate action. (see AC 00-46A)