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 Automotive Spark Plug and Thundervolt Performance Wires Conversion Kit




KIT INCLUDES- Custom magneto front cover plates with starting coil braided shield threaded attachment for the left magneto and 1 set of 9 rubber baffle grommets.




PRICING - $695.00 plus shipping

Email me at if you would like to place an order or call me at +1 334-546-8182.  I am on eastern time in the US.


KIT DETAILS - The kits includes everything you need to complete the conversion, including the spark plugs of course.  The spark plugs are over-the-counter NGK automotive spark plugs.

The wires are 8.2mm Taylor Thundervolt wires which I custom manufacture to fit the front and rear spark plugs on each cylinder.  With regards to RFI, the Thundervolt wires are designed to eliminate RFI.  Here's how the Thundervolt wires eliminate RFI as explained by a Taylor engineer.  "Electronic filtering is possible due to two types of components.  They are capacitors and inductors.  Capacitors like high frequency, and will allow it to pass, while they hate low frequency, and will reject it.  Inductors like low frequency, and will allow it to pass, while they hate high frequency, and will reject it.  The Spiro Pro wires are constructed in such a way that they have a certain ratio of capacitance, and inductance.  This causes the wires to be a high impedance to high frequency, (which is RFI).  They will allow the D.C. component of the firing signal to pass through while blocking the A.C. component, (the part that causes RFI).  The composition of the core, the thickness of the core, the size of the conductor, the permeability of the core, the number of turns per inch, etc., all have a direct relationship on the suppression factor of the wire."

The wires are cut precisely to length to fit each and every cylinder for both mags.  Since 8.2mm wires are slightly larger than the holes in the mag cap, the kit is supplied with the correct size drill bit which is used to drill the magneto distributor cap holes to the proper size.  Since the magneto distributor cap material is relatively soft, drilling the cap is quite easy.  The front plug wires are marked "1" through "9" and each front spark plug wire has a red band on it to signify the front plug wires.  The rear spark plug wire set does not have a red band on each wire and each wire is also marked "1" through "9".


The instructions are precise and include color photos of the installation.  Instructions include how to properly measure the resistance of each wire. The instructions are emailed to the buyer when the kit ships.

Removing the Russian wiring harness takes time.  There are 4 metal tabs on the ring that bolts to the case.  The 11 mm nuts holding the ring tabs are removed with a 1/4 drive 11 mm socket and extension.  I have found that a flex or swivel 11 mm socket works best.  The ring splits in half at the top and the large braided shield that goes from the ring to the mag cover is also completely eliminated.  Once the Russian wiring harness is removed, the reassembly is quite nice.  You'll be amazed how much more room you have without the Russian wiring harness in place.

You have the choice of reusing the metal clamps that hold the original, braided spark plug wires or tie wrapping the wires to the intake tube using the supplied rubber hose.  Either way works.  Since the intake tubes are "cool" compared to the exhaust temperature, there is no problem with heat concerning the wires when they are affixed to the intake tube using the rubber hose and tie wrap.

After installation, on my first attempt to start the engine, I BARELY touched the start button and the engine fired up instantly.  The best it EVER has.  I couldn't believe it!  The idle is really smooth, which I attribute to a hotter spark.  The mag drop was 2% or less.  Again, better than it ever has been.  It accelerates better and just feels like it has more power.

I hope this answers most of your questions.  In my mind, it's the best conversion for these engines and the cost is less the the cost of one set of Russian or Chinese spark plugs.  If you have additional questions, please either email me or call me at 334-546-8182 (mobile).  I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


A. Dennis Savarese
+1-334-546-8182 (mobile)